Virtual Bank eMoney Market Referral - Earn $20 Free Money Bonus
Complete Important Information and Details on Virtual Bank Free Money Bonus Referral Program

Earn $20 Free Money Bonus through Virtual Bank eMoney Market account Referral program.

Open a new VirtualBank eMoney Market account by referral (it has to be sent to you by email) and receive $20 for free, in your new savings account! 
You can open the account with as little as $100.

To help YOU prepare and improve YOUR financial future.
**Be sure to read Why Invest?, possibly the most important information you will EVER read!!**

Who is VirtualBank?
VirtualBank, a Division of Lydian Private Bank, is a online, FDIC, insured bank. They offer competitively high rates on savings accounts, money markets, certificates, etc., because they have a much lower overhead than conventional brick and mortar financial institutions.

What are the terms of their eMoney Market account?
No minimum balance requirements. No fees. Free online statements. Some of the best interest rates anywhere (and as interest rates go up, so will your earnings)! Easy access to your money. Free electronic transfers in/out (linked to your existing checking account). Read more here.

How or why is VirtualBank doing this?
I am not sure, but more than likely, they are fairly confident that you will continue to bank with them (and not just cash out the free $20). My opinion is that a person would be crazy to close their account, because Virtual Bank offers the best rates to their customers. Overall, it is a good, safe way for people to invest, to make their money grow even more. 

So how do I get my VirtualBank referral?
***CLICK HERE*** to send your name and email address or simply send an email to, providing your name and email address) and we will get the referral email to you from Virtual Bank, as soon as possible. 
NOTE: Your name and/or email address will absolutely NOT be shared with anyone else other than VirtualBank!

Do you LIKE your VirtualBank eMoney Market account?
YES! So far, it is one of BEST things I have ever done, because I have my money making money at a competitive rate (much better rate than money market funds at my local bank, so with the eMoney Market linked to my existing checking account, I transfer extra money to the eMoney Market to earn interest). 

Also, I really like the ability to view the account online. Online, you can see your account status, transfer funds in/out the account any time (to your regular checking account) and view the interest earned. Best of all, it is FDIC insured!

You have to wait 30 days to cash out the $20 referral bonus.

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